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How does Pet Sponsorship work?

Pet Sponsorships can be made for one, two, three, four or twelve month periods. The monthly amounts for Pet Sponsorships are $15, $25, $50, and $100.

For the convenience of making a twelve month Pet Sponsorship, the minimum is $25 per month.

For example, you can sponsor a pet for $25 for one month for a total of $25, or sponsor a pet for $25 each month for three months for a total of $75, or sponsor a pet for $25 each month for four months for a total of $100 and so on.

Pet Sponsorships can be made by an individual, an individual representing a group such as a Girl Scout troop or Cub Scout den, a business, or even the department you work in. Sponsorships can be made as a memorial in honor of a pet or person, or as a unique birthday gift. Pets can have more than one sponsor.

When Pet Sponsorships are made by a business the sponsorship can include a link to the website belonging to the business.

When you sponsor a pet, the pet's picture and bio are moved to the first position on the webpage. This gives the pet more of a chance to be noticed.

When sponsoring a pet your name will appear under the pet's picture and bio for the number of months selected. The option of appearing as anonymous is also available.

If your first choice pet is adopted before your sponsorship period is over, your name will be moved to your second choice pet. If your second choice pet is adopted your name will be moved to another pet to complete your sponsorship period.

For multiple month sponsorships, PayPal payments occur monthly based on the date that you start the sponsorship.

Pet Sponsorships are usually posted on the website a day after payment has been confirmed or processed. If you have any questions about how to sponsor a pet, send an email to us and we will be glad to help.

Your pet sponsorship donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

To start, visit one of the Available Pet webpages for Cats, Dogs or Rabbits & More and select a pet!

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