Sponsor a Pet!


When you’re unable to adopt, but still want to help, you can sponsor a pet to help us provide food, care, and housing while it waits for its loving forever home.

Finding a pet to sponsor

To find a pet to sponsor, go to the available cats, dogs, or other animals pages to see which pets are still in need of a sponsor. Once one captures your heart, open and complete the pet sponsorship form to submit your sponsorship.

How pet sponsorship works

Pet sponsorship levels

When you decide to sponsor a pet, you choose the length of the sponsorship and the amount you’d like to contribute from the following options:

Duration: One, two, three, four, or twelve months

Amount: $25, $50, or $100

So, someone could choose to donate $50 for three months making a total contribution of $150.  All the options are shown on the pet sponsorship form.

Pet sponsorship recognition

Individuals, groups, or businesses (including a link to a business site, if you wish) are welcome and encouraged to sponsor a pet.

Your name (individual, group, or business) will be published alongside the pet’s bio and you can also add a memorial or dedication. You may also choose to remain anonymous.

The pet’s bio will be moved to the top of the page upon sponsorship and your sponsorship information will remain with the pet’s bio for the duration of your sponsorship. The sponsorship is usually posted with the pet’s bio the day after the sponsorship payment has been received.




Hi there!  I’m Baxter – a 3 year old male lab mix. I love playing fetch and am good with kids of all ages.  Don’t tell anyone, but I even like cats.  I can’t wait to join my new family!  My adoption fee is $225,

Baxter has been sponsored by Fred Smith in honor of  Spot! Black and white heart with paw print

More on pet sponsorship…

A few more things to know about sponsoring a pet:

  •  If your first choice gets adopted (yay!), your sponsorship will move to another pet who needs your support!
  • Pets can have more than one sponsor.
  • In addition to memorializing or honoring a pet or person, pet sponsorships are a great gift idea for the animal lovers in your life!
  • Sponsoring a pet doesn’t offset any adoption costs – if you’re interested in adding a pet to your family, learn more about how to adopt a pet.
  • Your pet sponsorship donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law