There’s no place like home House Pet Care Tips.

Maybe it was a squirrel or just wanderlust – no matter the reason they’re missing, we just want our beloved pet home safe.

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Did you know?

Statistics show 1 out of 3 family pets will be lost!

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Lost & Found Pet Resources

  1. Lost and Found Pets of McLean County Illinois website
  2. Lost-Found Pets in Bloomington/Normal
  3. Craigslist of Bloomington/Normal Lost & Found
  4. McLean County Animal Control  (309) 888-5060
  5. Your local NextDoor site

Microchipping, Tags, and IDs

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One of the easiest ways you can help you can improve the odds of being reunited with your pet is to keep a collar with an ID tag letting good samaritans know how to contact you if they find your pet.

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In addition to an ID tag, it’s always a good idea to get your pet microchipped.  A tiny rice-grain-sized chip is insered between the shoulder blades of your pet with an identification number. When scanned by a shelter or clinic, your pet will be traced back to you.  All pets adopted from the HSCI have microchips as required by state law.

Microchipping has led to some pets being reunited after many years or many miles.

Collars, ID tags, and microchips can help keep a family together!

Lost and Found Pets

What to do if you’re pet is missing:

  1. If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip registry to inform them your pet is missing. Make sure they have your correct contact information.
  2. Visit McLean County Animal Control (MCAC) daily to search for your lost pet. MCAC has the rabies tag registration records. Remember that having a designated shelter to locate pets in McLean County helps reunite pet owners more efficiently. Hang a flyer of your lost pet on their bulletin board.
  3. Prepare a flyer with photos of your pet. Send this to the area veterinarians and rescue groups.
  4. Check the Lost and Found Pets of McLean County Illinois website. Also visit the Lost-Found Pets in Bloomington/Normal Facebook page and look at the Found postings. Craigslist of Bloomington/Normal also has a Lost & Found listing. You can also post to your local NextDoor site.

Steps to take if you find a pet:

  1. Check the Lost-Found Pets in Bloomington/Normal Facebook page or your local NextDoor site to see if its owner has posted. If not, post the pet, as its owner may check the page hoping someone has seen or found it.
  2. If the pet will be staying with you while the owner is sought, have it scanned for a chip at your veterinarian. The HSCI can also scan animals.
  3. If you will not be housing the pet, contact McLean County Animal Control at (309) 888-5060. They are responsible for stray animals in the area. If you need to reach them after hours and live in Bloomington, call (309) 820-8888. If you live in Normal, call (309) 888-5030 to have an on-call animal warden dispatched.