Adoptable Dogs

The HSCI always has a variety of dogs looking for their forever home: big, small, mixed breed, purebred. Our pets are vetted and regularly handled by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

This page is updated frequently as new dogs come in and others go home. Pet bios are subject to change. Adoption application process details are included on our adoption information page.

If you can’t adopt a pet at this time, consider helping a pet with a pet sponsorship. To those supporters who have sponsored one or more pets, thank you!

Quinn is a light brown dog


 Hiya! I’m Quinn and I’m a 1-year-old female Australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix. I am an active girl who loves to explore the world around me. I’m very affectionate and playful, and I would be an excellent adventuring partner. My adoption fee is $225.

Quinn is sponsored by Carole Miller

Sponsor Quinn



 Radical! My name’s Leonardo and I’m a 1-9-month-old male black and white hound mix. I love meeting new friends, playing with toys, and going on adventures! I’m sweet, affectionate, and I’m just looking for my forever home. My adoption fee is $225.

Leonardo is sponsored in memory of Miller, my sister’s dog

Sponsor Leonardo

Paisley isa black, brown and white dog


Hi there! My name is Marge and I’m a 1-year-old female Jack Russell terrier mix. I love making new friends wherever I go. I’m playful, and silly, and I absolutely LOVE treats! Seriously. They’re my favorite thing ever. My adoption fee is $225.

Sponsor Marge

Kristoff is a brown dog


 Hi there! I’m Kristoff. I’m a 1-year-old male chocolate lab mix. I am a huge, goofy guy who loves to make friends, eat treats, and go on adventures. I’m super sweet, and pretty smart. I already know how to sit! Come cuddle me! My adoption fee is $225.

Kristoff is sponsored by Maddie the Yorkie Poo

Sponsor Kristoff

Toothpick is a cream colored dog


Hi everybody! My name is Toothpick and I’m a 5-year-old male tan and white shepherd mix. I’m a sweet, silly boy who loves to be outside. I walk well on my leash, and I love to play in water. I love riding in the car too! My adoption fee is $225.

Toothpick  is sponsored by Abby Yagow

Sponsor Toothpick

Delta Mae is a brown and white dog


Hi! My name is Delta Mae and I’m a 2-year-old female pointer mix. I am a silly, affectionate lady who LOVES to give hugs. Treats are nice too, but I really just love being with people and making new friends. My adoption fee is $225.

Delta Mae is sponsored by Sara Bailey In Memory of all my past dogs

Sponsor Delta Mae

Honey is a light brown and white dog


Hi! I’m Honey! I’m a 2-year-old female retriever mix. I am outgoing and friendly, and I love treats more than anything! I am energetic and playful, and just the sweetest girl you could hope to meet. My adoption fee is $225.

Sponsor Honey

Lexi is a light brown dog


 Hiya! My name’s Lexi. I’m a 3-year-old female yellow and white lab mix. I have a ton of energy and definitely need training to help me learn manners. I’m a smart girl, but I can be stubborn too. I would do best with an experienced dog owner, and I need to be the only animal in the home. I would do fine with children over the age of 15, however. My adoption fee is $225..

Lexi is sponsored by Ella M

Sponsor Lexi

Bronson is a brown, white, and black dog


 Helloooooooo! I’m Bronson and I’m a 2-and-a-half-year-old male treeing walker coonhound. I am playful and fun, and I LOVE treats! I also love to sing the song of my people to anyone who will listen. I know how to sit, so I’m obviously a smart boy, and if you have some patience, I will be your best friend. My adoption fee is $225.

Bronson is sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Sponsor Bronson

Ledger is a white dog


 Hey there, name’s Ledger! I’m a 1-and-a-half-year-old male terrier mix. I’m a big, goofy guy who is super sweet and loving. I enjoy treats, getting cuddles and pets, and watching the world through the window. I have lots of energy, and I love to play, so get ready for fun! My adoption fee is $225.

Ledger is sponsored by Emilee Miller in honor of the best dog ever!

Sponsor Ledger

Cosby is a black dog


 Hiya, I’m Cosby! I’m a 1-and-a-half-year-old male black lab mix. I’m an active guy who loves playing and making new friends. I’m super smart, and I absolutely love treats! My adoption fee is $225.


Cosby is sponsored to celebrate Hooch, Kerrigan, and sweet Gracie.

Sponsor Cosby

Lola is a black and white dog


 Hi, I’m Lola! I’m a 1-year-old female shepherd mix. I’m so sweet, and can be a little introverted at first. I like treats, but I LOVE chin and neck rubs, and when I’m happy, my whole body wags, not just my tail! My adoption fee is $225.


Lola is sponsored by The Spong Family who loves sweet Lola and  knows you will too!!

Sponsor Lola

Rocky is a black and white dog


Hello, my name is Rocky! I’m a 10-month-old male pit mix. I’m super sweet and cuddly, and I love making friends wherever I go. I can be a little shy with strangers at first, but I warm up quickly and just want love. My adoption fee is $225.

Sponsor Rocky

Travis is a brown and black dog


Hello, my name is Travis! I’m a 2-year-old male brindle mountain cur mix. I am a quiet guy who loves to go on walks and adventures. I’m very sweet, gentle, and affectionate too. My adoption fee is $225.

Travis is sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Sponsor Travis

Murk is a brindle colored dog


 Hiya! Name’s Murk. I’m a 4-month-old male brindle pit mix. I’m super energetic and love treats and playing with toys. I am a fun-loving fella who prefers his human friends over four-legged friends, but I would be a great running partner when I’m older! My adoption fee is $275.

Sponsor Murk

Boyd is a brown and white dog


Hiya! I’m Boyd and I’m a 7-year-old male beagle mix. Being an older guy, I’m a little slower than these young’uns, but I still have enough energy to enjoy going on walks and making new friends. I’m not really treat motivated, but I love to be cuddled right into your side. My adoption fee is $150.


Sponsor Boyd

Franklin is a black and brown dog


Hiya! I’m Franklin and I’m a 1-year-old male black and tan shepherd mix. I’m a sweet, friendly boy who loves to go on walks and play outside. I really love tennis balls and toys that squeak. I already know how to sit, and I love head rubs, chin scratches, and ice cubes! My adoption fee is $225.

Sponsor Franklin

Diamond is a black and white dog


Hiya! I’m Diamond! I’m a 7-year-old female lab mix. I’m a sweet, introverted girl who loves treats and going on walks. I’m very inquisitive, and will explore every inch of a new space until I’m satisfied I have inspected everything. My adoption fee is $150.

Sponsor Diamond

Michelangelo is a whit and black dog


 Cowabunga! Hi! I’m Michelangelo, but my friends call me Mikey! I’m a 1-year-old male hound mix. I am a big hugger. It’s what I love to do. I love cuddling and being near you more than almost anything in the world. Come meet me and you’ll see! My adoption fee is $225.

Michelangelo is sponsored by Carrie Fingerle

Sponsor Midhelangelo

Aretha is a white and brown dog.


Hello! I’m Aretha and I’m a 4-year-old female collie/lab mix. I have a lot of energy and I’m very sweet. I would do better with kids over 12 due to my size and energy, but no cats or other dogs. I do need some basic training to help me learn my manners, but I love people and I’m very smart. I know sit and shake already, so I should pick up training quickly. My adoption fee is $225.

Aretha is sponsored by Pam V

Sponsor Aretha

Tiffany is a brown and white dog


Hello, my name is Tiffany! I’m a 1-year-old female boxer mix. I’m a cuddly girl who loves snuggling up and getting loved on. I give the gentlest kisses, and love to be near people. I also walk pretty well on a leash already! My adoption fee is $225.

Tiffany is sponsored by Ken Kasprzak in gratitude for all my furbabies past, present and future.

Sponsor Tiffany

Eli is a black and white dog


 Hi there! I’m Eli and I’m a 2-year-old male Great Pyrenees mix. I am a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and be close to you. I am playful and affectionate, and would be an amazing companion. My adoption fee is $225.

Eli is sponsored by an anonymous donor

Sponsor Eli

Ruger is a brown and white dog


– Howdy! Name’s Ruger! I’m a 2-and-a-half-year-old male beagle mix. I’m a sweet, introverted fella who wants nothing more in life than a couch with a window to look out of, and someone to give me chin scratches all day long. My adoption fee is $225.

Sponsor Ruger

Domino is a white and black dog


Hello, my name is Domino! I’m a 9-month-old female border collie mix. I may look like I’m wearing a superhero mask, but I’m just your average citizen looking to make the world a cuddlier place. I love snuggling, and being as close to you as physically possible. My adoption fee is $225.


Odin is a black and white dog


Greetings all! I am Odin! I’m a 1-year-old male lab mix. I’m very inquisitive, and I love exploring new places. I’m affectionate, and I love to be close to people. I’m friendly, and adventurous, and I would make a great best friend. My adoption fee is $175 for this week only.


Bobert is a black and white dot


Hi everybody! My name is Bobert and I’m a 5-month-old male brindle and white border collie mix. I’m energetic and adventurous, and I love going outside! I also love treats and will sit like a perfect gentleman to get them. My adoption fee is $275.

Clover is a black, brown and white dog


Hello! I’m Clover, and I’m a 1-year-old female tricolor corgi. I am a very photogenic girl, and I love smiling for the camera! I’m sweet and affectionate, and I love giving hugs and getting cuddles. My adoption fee is $225.

Siri is a black and white dog


 Hi, I’m Siri! I’m a 5-month-old female black lab mix. I am extremely cuddly, and love snuggling as close to you as I can possibly get. I love carrying stuffies around as I explore new places, and I’m pretty smart too! I already know how to sit. My adoption fee is $275.


Bandit is a white, brown, and black dog


Howdy! Name’s Bandit! I’m an 8-year-old male tricolor beagle. I’m a small, sweet guy who will dance for treats! I’m pretty calm, I walk well on a leash, and I love making new friends! My adoption fee is $150.

Paisley is a black and brown dog


Hey everyone! I’m Paisley. I’m a 2-year-old female terrier mix. I am super friendly and outgoing, and I love playing with toys! Balls are my absolute favorite. I could chase them all day! My adoption fee is $225.

bruno is a brown and black dog


Well hello there! My name is Bruno and I’m an 11-month-old male black and tan husky mix. I am a sweet, fairly calm guy who loves treats and massages. I also am obsessed with tennis balls. They are my favorite thing EVER! Come play ball with me! My adoption fee is $225.