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Please check the SIGN UP for outstanding volunteer needs besides the volunteer opportunities included on this webpage.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Humane Society of Central Illinois has many wonderful volunteer programs. Our volunteers are helping the pets in many different ways, and we always need people to join this special group. Please see if there are any areas in which you are interested.


To get started, visit the Calendar of Events for dates when New Volunteer Classes are scheduled. Then click the New Volunteer Class Registration link and provide your name and the names of those who will be attending with you, and complete payment.

  1. Everyone attending class must review and complete the Volunteer Waiver & Data document and bring it with them to class.
  2. Registration fee is $10 for each adult (16 or older) and $5 for each child (younger than 16).
  3. Those younger than 16 must be accompanied by a parent at volunteer training and each and every time they volunteer.
  4. If you are ages 16 or 17, you are able to attend the class on your own; however, you will need to bring the signed Volunteer Waiver & Data document with you to class. The waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. Payment in advance is required to hold your spot and seating is limited. The registration fee is non-refundable.
  6. If you are needing Court Ordered Community Service hours, please call our office at (309) 451-1000 for more information before signing up for the Volunteer Class.

Volunteers are welcome at the Pet Adoption Center anytime between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:45 pm, every day of the year. Some of the activities you can help with are:

Walking Dogs:   Dogs are scheduled for three walks daily; 7:00 - 8:00 am, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, and 5:30 - 6:30 pm. If comfortable, volunteers can brush and bathe dogs during non-walk/play times.

Working in the cat rooms:   The cat rooms are cleaned and disinfected every morning and the staff always needs help with this. Each cage is swept out and washed and each cat is given a clean litter box, food and water, a towel and toys. Throughout the day, pet waste is removed and water can be checked. All cats need socialization and attention which helps with their transition to a new home.

Laundry:   All of the cats have towels and other soft items in their cages, and dogs have blankets for comfort. These items are washed daily.

Dishes:   Dog and cat bowls, litter boxes, and toys are washed daily to keep the animals' environment as clean as possible to reduce the chance of illnesses.

Grooming:   Brushing, bathing, and trimming nails helps with socialization and adoptability and provides one-to-one human attention.

Other:   Maintenance such as cleaning the office, mowing the grass, washing windows, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and picking up garbage and dog waste from the yard.

Office:   Due to the nature of the work in the office, volunteer opportunities are quite limited. Volunteers will be selected for specific tasks as deemed appropriate.

Event / Public Relations Committee

Help In Any Way Needed

Pet Adoption Center

Education Committee

Picture of Volunteers washing a dog.

Event Notification Form

If you represent an organization or business planning something to benefit HSCI, please let us know. You can simply fill out this short Event Notification Form.

Service Projects

We receive many requests from groups who would like to perform a few hours of volunteer service as part of a class requirement, club service project, or as a bonding activity. If your group would like to perform a Service Project, please visit our Service Projects webpage for details on how to plan and organize the project.

Fosters Needed

The Humane Society of Central Illinois is looking for serious volunteers to become fosters for some of our more challenging dogs for rehabilitation purposes. Some dogs have not been properly socialized and are needing more socialization as well as constant praising and consistency. Others have medical needs or may be older and would thrive better in a foster setting. These dogs will take some time to come around and to adjust properly.

Foster homes must be able to provide proof of liability insurance, as well as passing a home visit. We are looking for people who are more experienced with dogs and who are wanting to put in time and effort to help these dogs thrive. This is a very rewarding opportunity to be able to see these dogs grow and adjust into the dogs they deserve to be. If you feel you are ready and able to become a foster, print and read the Foster Care Provider Contract and Guidelines and the Foster Care Application. Complete the Foster Care Application and drop it off at the shelter at 423 Kays Drive in Normal, or fax it to us at (309) 451-1834, or scan it and send the email to the HSCI Manager. If you have any questions please call the shelter at (309) 451-1000 during business hours and ask for the manager.

Good Neighbor Grant Program

Are you a current or retired State Farm® employee?

If you are an employee, agent, or retiree of State Farm, your volunteer hours can help HSCI even more. Through the Good Neighbor Grant program, the State Farm Companies Foundation awards a $500 grant on behalf of each State Farm associate who volunteers a minimum of 40 hours per calendar year. HSCI is an eligible nonprofit organization. We would appreciate your support in this program.

If you are not currently a volunteer, please attend a New Volunteer Class to learn about our organization and discover your choices in volunteering.

  1. Log your time into the State Farm volunteer log at the volunteer table each time you volunteer.
  2. Drop off a Good Neighbor Grant form to our office staff.
  3. Complete at least 40 hours.

Other Volunteers

We have a great need for volunteer with our events, committees, and office work. It is easy to acquire 40 hours.

We encourage all Good Neighbor Grant participants to keep a completed application on file at the PAC. Qualified applications will be verified by the volunteer coordinator and submitted to State Farm on a quarterly basis. For questions regarding whether you qualify for the Good Neighbor Grant, email Eric or Sherill.

Those who volunteer outside of the Pet Adoption Center are asked to submit their volunteer hours to staff monthly.

If you are interested in helping with events or are having difficulty acquiring hours, please email staff.

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