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The Curious Cat

Cat Proofing Your House

Whether you've been a cat owner for years or just a few days, you should realize that your home may be a dangerous place for your cat or kitten. Unlike dogs, cats can climb, jump, open cabinets, and crawl into small spaces. They are very curious animals and will play with just about any object they can find.

It is a good idea to cat-proof your home just as you would child-proof a house to prevent serious accidents. Each room of your house holds potential dangers to your feline friend. The following guide will help you identify these hazards.


The kitchen is probably one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. Cats can jump very high; items left on your counter or table could interest your cat. Sharp knives, appliance cords, and your stove could be a hazard to your pet.

Living Room

Your decorations and nick knacks may interest a curious cat who is looking for something to play with. Keep all breakables out of kitty's reach. Although cats are very agile and graceful in jumping, sometimes a miscalculated leap may cause them to knock over items on a table or shelf.


Cats like to play with anything small or shiny, or objects that roll or move. Keep earrings, cuff links, and thumb tacks away from her. While she may think they are fun to play with, she could swallow and choke on the object.



Other hidden dangers exist that you should not forget.

Cat Toys

Although your cat will play with just about anything, there are a number of items she should never have.

Give your cat toys that are safe. Those purchased in pet stores are usually safe, such as balls with bells in them or stuffed mice. Make sure there are no small parts that can come loose if your cat likes to chew on them.

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