Humane Society of Central Illinois
Lost Pets!

Lost and Found - What To Do

Steps to take if you have lost an animal:

  1. Go to the McLean County Animal Control Center daily to look for your pet. Your description of your pet may not be the same as someone else's.
  2. Call the Humane Society of Central Illinois to report your pet lost in our lost and found files.
  3. Visit the Pet Hotline Webpage and list your pet as lost.
  4. ALWAYS KEEP TAGS ON YOUR PETS!  This is the easiest way to identify your pet if it does get lost.

The Lost Pet Behavior article provides some very helpful recommendations on how to search effectively for a lost pet.

Steps to take when finding an animal:

  1. If you wish to hold an animal that has tags until the owner can retrieve it, call the McLean County Animal Control Center or the on-call officer to get owner information.
  2. If the animal does not have tags or you can not hold on to a pet that does, you must call Animal Control at (309)888-5060 between the hours of 9:30 and 4:00, after hours call your local police non-emergency number and they will page the on-call officer to pick up the animal. Cats without tags may be accepted at both facilities. Please call us first for availability at our facility.

This is the best thing for the animal!  People know to look at animal control for their lost pets!  Also, an animal control officer may very well recognize an animal even if it doesn't have tags. They are completely computerized and can find an owner very easily!