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The pets pictured are available for adoption. Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center. Please visit the Adoption Information webpage for details on the Adoption Procedure and a link to an adoption application. Adopted pets are moved to the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Dogs that have the Very Important Pet icon Very Important Pet! with their bio have been at our shelter for over one year and they qualify for a reduction in adoption fees. If you visit our shelter, look for the VIP logo on the kennels to see which dogs qualify. See one of our adoption counselors for details.

Featured Dog!

Ruthie is a 5 year old black and white Lab/Pointer mix. Ruthie will need an owner who understands she comes from a background of no socialization. She needs someone who will move slow with her and who will let her show her true personality outside of her kennel, as she does not like being confined in small spaces and does not really understand what toys or treats are. With a little consistency Ruthie has shown to love attention and going on walks. With this continued consistency, Ruthie will make a great companion.

Ruthie has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  On behalf of my rescue dogs, Max and Oscar, come find your true love. 


Harry is a 1 and half year old male Boxer mix. He is a bit of a goofball. He knows his manners and likes to run and gallop around like a horse. Harry can be shy with new people, so just approaching him slowly is key. Once he gets to know you he loves giving kisses and showing off.

Harry has been sponsored by Lady & Apollo Venerable. In loving memory of Rocky. 


Bruno is a 2 year old cream colored Chihuahua. Talk about a fun and interesting little dog. He loves to play and gets easily excited. Bruno thinks he is a big king stuck in a tiny body. Bruno is playful and wants a family who will play fetch with him. Bruno loves attention and wants a family to call his own who will spoil and love him.

Bruno has been sponsored by Angela Baughman!  #MCStrong - Pay It Forward! 

Bruno has been sponsored by #MCStrong - Pay it Forward! 


Brinda is a 4 year old brindle Chihuahua mix. She is such a sweet girl with a huge heart. She loves all people however she will need to go to a home where she is the only dog. She does not like sharing with other dogs and wants to be the center of attention to her new owner. She is a princess and a pretty princess we should allow her to be. Brinda is looking for a family who is wanting to spoil a dog with love and attention. She loves to play and also knows how to "Sit" and take treats nicely. Just look at this can you not fall in love?

Brinda has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 


Buddy is a 2 year old black Lab mix. Let me just tell you how much he has come around in such a short amount of time. This poor guy was taken from a bad situation where he was in a small kennel with too many dogs all crammed into. He was not interacted with other then feeding, so when we got him in he was so shy and did not even care for treats nor did he know what they were. In just a short time he has grown to love interaction with any person. He is so friendly and his tail is just constantly wagging. It is truly amazing what just a little love for this guy has done. He loves to sit with you and be pet. Buddy will need an owner who understands he is not the most active dog right now and does not know what toys or treats are just yet. Over time with constant introductions of these things he will be a playful carefree boy. If you are looking for a dog with a big heart Buddy is perfect for you.

Buddy has been sponsored by Rob Milcik!  Here's hoping this dog finds a forever home soon! 


Dorothy is a 4 year old Border Collie mix. Dorothy has come a long way in such a short amount of time here at the Shelter. She gave birth to puppies in foster and since then we have been working to socialize her and allow her to see it is ok to run and be happy and play like a dog. Dorothy is a very loving girl and happens to think she is a lap dog. She loves to give kisses and loves to be walked. She is still a bit timid so slow movements are key. Every once in a while if you move to fast she will cower. Dorothy is looking for a fun-loving family that understands praise and affection are the best components for her to be happy.

Dorothy has been sponsored by Carole Miller! 


Chevy is a 6 year old Lab mix. Chevy needs an owner who understands he will be on a daily medication for life for his Thyroid issue. As long as Chevy is on his medication he is getting better daily and is doing great. Chevy needs an owner who will go slow with him and understand he was not properly socialized growing up. Chevy loves to play and wags his tail constantly to show how happy he is. He loves to go on walks and cannot wait to find his forever home.

Chevy has been sponsored by Julie Philpott!  For a Happy 2014 and Happy Home for all pets needing love. 


Connor is a 2 year old black and tan Chihuahua mix. He is a spunky little boy with a fun personality. He loves to give kisses and loves to go on walks. He can get scared of people who approach him too quickly so he will need an owner who understands this. Connor is a loveable dog who likes to be in your lap or playing fetch.


Bandit is a 4 year old Lab mix who is good with cats and all age range of children. He gets a little spooked if you play with his tail, but other than this he is a normal happy energetic boy. He loves to go on rides in the car, he will need space to run or burn off energy, and he loves to give your face a shower with his wonderful kisses. Bandit does know some commands and will "Sit" when asked. If you are looking for an intelligent, active and loveable dog Bandit is the right fit for you.


Elsie is a 1 and half year old brindle mix. She is an energetic girl with a lively personality. She loves to give kisses and she is quite the climber. This means she will need to be supervised and not left unsupervised when she goes outside to potty. Elsie knows how to "Sit" and is very curious as to what is going on around her.

Elsie has been sponsored by Walt & Margie Saunders ! 


Duke is a 8 year old Blue Tick Coonhound. He is very vocal and loves to talk to anyone walking by. He loves to be outdoors getting fresh air on walks or playing in a fenced-in back yard. Duke is a sweet boy who does know how to "Sit" and "Lay Down." Duke will need an owner who understands he needs proper exercise and activity to focus his mind so he does not get bored and restless. Duke is a handsome fella looking for a fun and active forever home.

Duke has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In memory of Max and Misty. 

Ian & Tawny

Meet Ian and Tawny!  They are quite a pair and must be adopted together. Ian is a 2 year old Hound mix. He is a little timid at first and takes some time to warm up. Once he warms up he is a calm tempered dog who loves to get your attention any way he can. He loves his ears to be scratched and to be walked outside. Ian is looking for a forever home in your heart. Tawny is a 2 year old tan and black Hound mix. Tawny is a very timid dog. She will need a person to go slow with her and understand she has not been interacted with properly. She is starting to learn that people are good and people give her love and have treats. It is really cute to watch her inch closer and closer to get your affection, but it does take some time. Tawny will need a quiet home where someone can introduce her to toys over time and show her what it is like to be a dog and to be free to have fun. Tawny is a loveable girl with a big heart to give her new owners. She hopes you will give her a chance to melt your heart. Come visit Ian and Tawny today!

Ian & Tawny have been sponsored by Michael and JoBeth Zajac! 

Jack & Jill

These two little ones came into the Shelter together. They both are 10 years of age and have lived together from a very young age. Jack is a brown Lhasa Apso with a calm personality. He loves to get attention but is the more reserved one. Jill is a white and black terrier mix. She is a little more active and curious. They both know their manners and will "Sit" when asked. They walk great on leashes and really should go to the same home when adopted out. If you are looking for a cute pair these two are the right ones for you!

Jack & Jill have been sponsored by Judith Webster!  In loving memory of my BFF's ~ Sheena, Muffin, Mischief & Tiffany. 


Tahiti is a 10 year old black and brown Chihuahua mix. She is a sweet dainty little girl. She loves to give kisses. Tahiti is a small dog with a small dog mentality so she likes to be approached calmly and slowly. She would do best in a calm home with an owner who will spoil her. She is a little princess and deserves to be treated like one.

Tahiti has been sponsored by Diane, Brad and Hailey Lanier!  In loving memory of HSCI alum Rusty. We miss you every day!  


Carson is a 1 year old Terrier mix. He is spunky and full of life. He loves to get exercise and loves to go for his daily walks outside. He is a peppy little dog with a lot of personality and will make a great fit for an active family.

Carson has been sponsored by Ann Bode!  In memory of Ollie. 


Truman is a Pit / Shepherd mix. He is 1 year old and has such a wonderful personality. He acts like a loveable teddy bear. His coloring and markings are beautiful and he loves all people he interacts with. Truman loves to give kisses, he loves to bounce around and play with toys. When you get him out of his kennel he is so excited to go on walks. Truman will make a fantastic companion and is looking for his forever home in your heart.


Annie is a 6 month old red Coonhound. If you are looking for a calm, sweet dog to have by your side, look no further. Annie is quite the charmer. She just has this look she gives you that will melt your heart. She is quiet and for the most part calm-tempered. She is a bit timid, so her new forever home will need to understand she needs time to adjust before her true personality will really shine.

Moby  ~  Update - 4/3/2014

Hey guys and gals!  Moby here!  I am looking so handsome these days that I have joined the craze of taking "Selfies." What do you think?

Looking good huh? I just wanted to give you all an update on my life lately and what I have been up to which included getting my second and final surgery last Thursday. I am recovering better than expected, which means I am already attempting to run around the shelter and keep up on what is going on and being the center of attention. But would you really expect anything less from me? Determination and overcoming huge obstacles is my style and way of doing things so I continue to do just that. Oh and in case you didn't know, I am now getting a little more food these past few days, which is fantastic in my world. The Vets at Town and Country have said I reached a weight of 60 pounds, which is good for my body structure, so now it is all about maintaining this weight and keeping fit. A piece of cake!  All this weight loss has really allowed me to realize I am a dog, who can do dog things and while I am still recovering from my last surgery and still in a bit of pain, I have learned over this recovery period that I like to throw my toys to myself and chase after them. I also love all other animals that approach me and want to play with them as well. I am a very smart dog so if you hear me talking I want one of two things: My food or I have to go outside. I think that pretty much sums up what I have been up to lately.

But I do want to remind you all that because I had two major surgeries, the Humane Society used their ASAP Fund to take such great care of me and were allowed to get me these surgeries that I needed badly. Without them I would not be this happy. I would not have the drive and determination I have now to become the best dog I can be. Instead I would still have no use of my back legs and who knows where I would be. So I remind you all that your donations no matter how big or small to the Humane Society ASAP Fund help out animals such as myself. This amazing Fund is used for so many great things such as, in my case, emergency vet care, or also heartworm treatment, X-Rays, eye injuries, fractures, skin conditions, dental work, and prescription food. If you have anything extra to spare please do not hesitate to donate to this fund. I can speak for all the animals at the Shelter, as I see them every day, they will thank you and love you even if they can't vocalize to tell you.

Moby  ~  Update - 2/22/2014

Well we are checking in from the Shelter here. Moby wanted to update you all and let you know after only 2 short weeks following his first knee surgery he is already walking and attempting to gallop on both his back legs. Moby had his first of two surgeries to his knees; in which the vet said recovery time would be 4 to 6 weeks. They said it would be a long hard road and it would take time. Not with Moby. Moby has a mind of his own. He came back the day after surgery in a lot of pain which was to be expected, but by only day two he was trying to push himself up and do things on his own. In no time at all he was greeting us at the door, getting excited to see new faces and now puts pressure on even his recovering right leg. We took Moby to the vet this week for his 2 week checkup and not only were they thrilled and a bit taken back by how good he is doing, but said Moby should be the poster face for many things. His determination to get better is something that cannot be explained. He has a heart of gold and won't let these obstacles stop him in any way and he keeps pushing on. His personality has changed and he shows excitement and playfulness like a dog should. While Moby continues to recover here at the Shelter, we wanted to remind you that you can still donate to his fund to help with his 2nd surgery. We are still a bit away from that date but every little bit helps. Moby also wants you all to know he is ready for Spring and for all this snow to stop so he can get back out to his favorite spot under his tree. Only this time he will be running and trotting to it instead of being carried.

Moby  ~  Update - 12/23/2013

We have a Moby update just in time for Christmas! Moby has continued to work hard these past few weeks and we are all so impressed with his temperament and determination to become the dog we always knew he could and should be. In the past few weeks, Will at K9- Fitness, has not only worked with Moby in the swimming pool, but due to Moby’s strength improvement, he also runs outside with Moby and recently got Moby on the treadmill. Yes, you heard right, MOBY IS RUNNING. Moby no longer waddles around from place to place, he gallops and jumps. He is so close to jumping in the van all by himself. He now has moved up to sitting in the front seat when he goes on rides and he has become quite a talker. He does not let you walk past him in his kennel without getting attention from you. Oh and most importantly moby is down exactly 23 pounds from when we carried him into the shelter on his first day. He is now 70.6 pounds. The vets have let us know that when he hits the 60’s range we will be scheduling surgery on his first knee. Moby has already touched the hearts of all of us here at the Shelter, but to see a dog go from depressed and not walking to a running, energetic, happy fun dog is something that will be forever important. Moby wanted to tell you all Merry Christmas and since he won’t be able to eat any Turkey or Ham, he wanted to tell you all to eat a little extra for him.

Moby  ~  Update - 10/29/2013

When we last gave an update on Moby, we broke the bad news that Moby will need both back knees replaced with surgery. Since this time we have been introduced to a fabulous man, named Will, and his assistant Beverly. They have started a new business here in town, on Main Street, called K-9 Fitness. Will saw Moby’s story in The Pantagraph and reached out to us. He was determined to take on Moby’s case as he knew it was dire to get Moby more exercise then what we could provide him here at the shelter through his daily walking. Moby has been attending K-9 Fitness four days a week, doing aqua therapy with Will and walking outside with Beverly. In just one month Moby has shown astonishing results. He is down 11 full pounds, now weighing in at 82 pounds. He has developed muscle to a point that has surprised us all, and he went even further with his surprises last week when he began to run and trot. Yes, the dog who once had to be carried into the shelter, who had no use of his back legs, is now running!  It is truly a remarkable thing to see. One that is warming all of our hearts with the progress he is making.

Moby had his vet check-in today and they were more than pleased with his progress. They want him to continue working with Will at K-9 Fitness and continue to lose as much weight as possible. The more weight Moby can lose, the safer his surgery and better his recovery will be. You can still help Moby out by donating to help us with his surgery funding. You can donate online on our website or you can drop off donations to the shelter. You also can mail donations to 423 Kays Drive Normal, IL. 61761. Moby has been moved out to the dog floor so that he can interact with visitors and you can stop by to visit him and see his progress. Also... don’t hesitate to tell him how skinny and handsome he is looking these days!

Moby  ~  Update - 8/26/2013

Moby has been working hard for the past month. The changes that are taking place are amazing to see. When Moby came into the Shelter he had to be carried and could not walk on his legs as he was too overweight and he had no leg muscles. It brings great pleasure to tell you that this has changed. Not only has he developed much needed leg strength and muscles, that were once nonexistent, but he is pulling us further every day on walks. It is his way of telling us he is determined. He is walking full laps around the building and I have to say it is truly a site to see. Moby had a vet visit two weeks ago. When he stepped on the scale we were a bit discouraged to find out he had only lost three pounds, that was until the vet saw Moby and assured us no need to worry he is doing remarkable. She reminded us that muscle weighs more than fat and so not only had he lost weight, but he had developed muscles that he had lost due to poor nutrition and ownership/handling. The vet was very excited with Moby’s transformation. We continue every day to work hard, walk a little further and stick to his very strict diet.


Meet Moby. He is a five year old beagle mix who loves people and peanut butter. Before Moby will be ready for adoption, he needs to work hard to lose weight. Not only will Moby need some encouragement to lose 30 pounds over the next few months, but he will also need your support. We need to raise $1,100, with your help, for his knee surgery. Unfortunately Moby has a dislocated knee that he cannot walk on. At his current weight he cannot have surgery as it runs the risk of putting stress on his good knee through the recovery process.

Moby currently walks with the help of a sling. His favorite thing to do is get fresh air and sit in the shade under his favorite tree. He is motivated and active for his size and really does have a calm, loving personality.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come while we update you on Moby's extreme weight loss makeover and update you on our goal of raising $1,100 for his knee surgery.

Please consider sponsoring Moby. Contributions for Moby apply to the ASAP Fund which help us fund Moby's medical expenses.


Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center.

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