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The pets pictured are available for adoption. Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center. Please visit the Adoption Information webpage for details on the Adoption Procedure and a link to an adoption application. Adopted pets are moved to the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Dogs that have the Very Important Pet icon Very Important Pet! with their bio have been at our shelter for over one year and they qualify for a reduction in adoption fees. If you visit our shelter, look for the VIP logo on the kennels to see which dogs qualify. See one of our adoption counselors for details.

Featured Dog!

A.J. is a black and white 7 year old male lab mix. A.J. needs a home where he can rely on consistency and have loveable owners who understand he has a bit of anxiety. He needs to be fattened up with a good diet and given proper exercise. A.J. is a good boy who knows his manners. He will "Sit" when you ask him to and he is learning to "Shake." A.J. looks for affection anyway he can get it. Whether it be a nudge to your leg or a wet nose jumping up to hit your hand; A.J. will let you know he is by your side. A.J. will make a great pet and a loyal companion.

A.J. has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  On behalf of my rescue dogs, Max and Oscar, come find your true love. 


Scarlett is a 6 year old female Treeing Walker Coonhound. She is great with children and other dogs and she loves raw hide chews. She is a sweet girl who loves to give kisses and be affectionate. Her nose will take her anywhere so smells something new, so she will need proper supervision while she is outside. She will need a good amount of exercise so Scarlett is hoping to find an active, fun family to call her own.

Scarlett has been sponsored by Dulcimer Dreams!  In honor of our Black Lab mix Miss Scarlett's 12th birthday! 


Darla is a 2 year old tan and white female Chihuahua. Darla is a spunky little girl that loves to get attention and play with any toy that squeaks. Darla loves to go outside and go for walks but she also loves being held, cuddled, and spoiled.

Darla has been sponsored by Patricia Snodgrass! 


Titan is a 3 year old male Min.Pin. / Boston Terrier mix. Titan loves all people as he is very affectionate and playful. He loves to play fetch and walk around on his hind legs. He has been known to love laying on freshly cleaned laundry, so make sure you spoil Titan with some soft bedding.

Sponsor Titan


Addison is a 5 year old female Lab mix. When Addison found her way into the shelter she tested positive for heartworms. She went through extensive treatment and spent most quite an amount of time relaxing and waiting for her treatment to kick in and work. Thankfully after 4 long months of melting our hearts and becoming known around the shelter with staff members, Addison retested negative. She is heartworm free and needs her new owner to understand her health is very important to her and all of us here at the shelter. So keeping her on Heartguard the rest of her life is a must!  Addison is a reserved calm girl who gets so excited to have someone's attention. She has come a long way from the scared timid girl that walked into the shelter. She now has her favorite toy that she must take with her at all times, even when she goes on walks outside. She loves to give kisses and loves cuddling up next to your side and being praised. It also is very important that Addison will be going to a home without any other dogs. Addison is scared of other dogs and would not do good at a dog park. She wants to be loyal to a family and to her new owner.

Addison has been sponsored by Jessalyn Baer! 

Addison has been sponsored by Judith Webster!  In loving memory of Sheena, Muffin, Tiffany & Mischief! 

Ian & Tawny

Ian and Tawny are two year old hound mixes. They came into our shelter as a pair and they need to leave our shelter as a pair. They have relied heavily upon one another to show each other how to break out of their shells and learn to have fun and be normal dogs. Ian and Tawny will need a very dedicated and committed owner who understands these two came from a hoarding kennel situation where they were not socialized properly, nor were they played with or comforted. They are such sweethearts and great tempered dogs, however they do get anxiety when left alone. They need to be taught over time that a new environment is a good thing. They love being outdoors, so ample exercise and supervision while outside is a must. These two will make fantastic companions to a person who understands not every dog is happy-go-lucky right off the bat. They need to be taught how to play like normal dogs. They love affection and praise they just are a bit timid and need time to warm up to a new person. Ian is the male who is more of the leader and will approach you first and shows Tawny it is ok. Tawny is the female who will sit back and soak everything in. She loves to watch her surroundings.

Ian & Tawny have been sponsored by Simone Williams! 


Buckeye is a 5½ year old male Coonhound. Buckeye is good with children and other dogs but does get scared very easily. It seems Buckeye was not socialized properly, so even tree leaves rustling outside will spook him. Buckeye is shy and very gentle. He loves getting exercise and going for walks. He follows his nose with any new smell. Buckeye will be a bit timid at first but once he is shown some consistency, he will make a great companion.

Sponsor Buckeye


Maverick is a 1½ year old male Rott mix. He is a clumsy, fun-loving, goofball who knows his manners. He will "sit," "lay down," or "stay" when asked. He is a handsome dog with a puppy attitude. He will need proper exercise to burn off his high energy level.

Sponsor Maverick


Abby is a beautiful 12-year-old Black Chow Mix. She arrived here after her owner passed. She would do best in a quieter home with no other animals or young children. Don't let her age stop you from considering her for a companion. She's starting to develop a little arthritis, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying her time outside on her daily walks or relaxing on her dog bed. She likes being around people and is curious about the things around her. If you are looking for a larger dog and don't mind the age, Abby would be a great dog to consider. She deserves to find her own peaceful home.

Abby has been sponsored by Sara Bailey! 

Abby has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Abby has been sponsored by Robin Fraser!  In Loving Memory of HSCI alums Honi Bear, Shelby, and Stashia. We miss you every day, especially pizza nights! 


Buddy is a 2 year old black Lab mix. Let me just tell you how much he has come around in such a short amount of time. This poor guy was taken from a bad situation where he was in a small kennel with too many dogs all crammed into. He was not interacted with other then feeding, so when we got him in he was so shy and did not even care for treats nor did he know what they were. In just a short time he has grown to love interaction with any person. He is so friendly and his tail is just constantly wagging. It is truly amazing what just a little love for this guy has done. He loves to sit with you and be pet. Buddy will need an owner who understands he is not the most active dog right now and does not know what toys or treats are just yet. Over time with constant introductions of these things he will be a playful carefree boy. If you are looking for a dog with a big heart Buddy is perfect for you. Buddy is currently in Foster.

Buddy has been sponsored by Carole Miller! 

Buddy has been sponsored by Walt & Margie Saunders! 

Buddy has been sponsored by Rob Milcik! 


Chevy is a 6 year old Lab mix. Chevy needs an owner who understands he will be on a daily medication for life for his Thyroid issue. As long as Chevy is on his medication he is getting better daily and is doing great. Chevy needs an owner who will go slow with him and understand he was not properly socialized growing up. Chevy loves to play and wags his tail constantly to show how happy he is. He loves to go on walks and cannot wait to find his forever home.

Chevy has been sponsored by Angela & Brandon!  In memory of our little guy, Nemo. 

Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center.

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