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HSCI always has a variety of dogs looking for their forever home: big, small, mixed breed, purebred. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

As new dogs come in and others go home, we update this page as quickly as possible, so keep in mind all dogs available may not have a photo yet. We encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  You'll find all you need to know about our adoption application process on our Adoption Information.

And if you want to see photos of the pets that have already found new homes, visit our Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Featured Dog!

Clover is a 6 year female Puggle mix. She is a talkative girl who gets so excited to see people and to have interaction. Going on walks and playing outside are her two favorite things, with treats easily coming in close second. Clover is energetic and likes to investigate anything and everything. She is very smart and often times looks to people to learn new commands or to give her something to focus on. Clover is looking for her forever home and is hoping you will come meet with her today!

Clover has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  My rescue dogs, Max and Oscar, want you to adopt me! 

Clover has been sponsored by the Crumbaughs. In Memory of Haley and Sadie. 

Clover has been sponsored by Mike and Amy Humphreys! 


Dharma is a 1 year old female Greyhound mix. We like to call her Tiger, as if her resemblance told you otherwise? Dharma is a big goofball who wants nothing more than to go on walks or runs and please her owner. She gets so excited to have someone giving her attention. She has not been taught how to properly walk on a leash or how to not jump, but in the week we have had her here, she is already calming down a bit and learning manners. If you are an active family or owner looking for a fun dog who will keep you active, Dharma is your girl.

Dharma has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  On behalf of our Taz, who is celebrating his first birthday! 

Dharma has been sponsored by Rob Milcik! 


Jesse is a 8 month old Hound mix with a lively personality to match. He is very much still learning proper manners and will need an owner who understands he needs to be corrected when he gets mouthy. He tries to bite the leash when you walk him if he gets bored. These are behaviors that he was allowed to get away with while growing up in shelters, so his forever owner will need to understand this. Jesse is a fantastic boy looking to learn and be loyal. He is very eager to please and has learned how to "Sit." Jesse loves to go outside and play or run. He loves his daily walks and is such a cute boy. Jesse loves to play with any toy that squeaks and he is very playful. Jesse would do best with an active family to keep up with him.


Eddie is a 4 month old terrier mix male pup. Eddie is full of energy and will need a forever owner who understands he will need to be taught all his manners, how to walk properly on a leash and they will need to get him proper exercise daily. After all Eddie is just a pup and needs to be taught proper ways to behave. Eddie is adorable and very, very playful. He loves to give kisses and he has endless amounts of affection to give. He doesn't have a care in the world and thinks all other dogs will love him. He doesn't understand all other dogs may not have his energy level.


Harley is a handsome boy who is 2 years of age. He knows his basic commands and is a Rot/Shep mix. We feel Harley needs to gain a bit of weight so that he is not so skinny. Being on a proper healthy diet will allow this. Harley loves to go on his daily walks, and also loves squeaky toys or chew bones. Harley was seen by a vet and will be available shortly after starting him on Adequan treatment for Hip Dysplasia. Harley does not seem bothered at all by this, as he still runs and bounces around without concern. He is very active and playful and is hoping you will come meet him and realize he is right for your family.

Harley has been sponsored by Sara Bailey! 

Harley has been sponsored by Katie Lewicki! 


Aurora is a 1½ year old Shep/Heeler mix. Aurora is very happy and loving dog. So much so that she will try to get so close to you to show her affection that she usually ends up on your lap begging to be pet and showering your face with kisses. Aurora is so selective of other dogs and small animals that we are asking she be an only dog in the home. Aurora begs for attention and is very eager to please. She wants to learn and is looking for an owner who will help her learn a few basic commands. She pulls on the leash and in certain situations, like with vetting, she will get very timid and scared.

Aurora has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Aurora has been sponsored by Carole Miller! 

Aurora has been sponsored by Cindy Hanson!  In memory of Maggie. 


Mizzi is a 3 year old female Chocolate Lab mix. She is currently unavailable while we put some weight on her. She came into the shelter a little too skinny and malnourished so we are feeding her multiple times per day and keeping track of her weight. As soon as she is up to a weight the vet likes and is sustaining the weight she will be made available. Please check back for updates.


Mystery is a 7 year old male black Lab mix. Mystery was an outside dog most of his life, so he was never taught his manners and doesn't do the best on a leash. But he is certainly a smart dog trying to learn. Mystery will not do good in a home with small animals or children and will need a lot of exercise. He is so eager to learn and he loves getting treats, so training should be easy with a little consistency. Give this sweet boy a chance and he will show you he is full of love and affection. Mystery was not properly taken care of before coming to the shelter, so it took a while to figure out what was causing his loss of hair. We have discovered that Mystery has a thyroid issue and will need to be on a daily medication to control this. His hair has started to grow back and he is doing so much better.

Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center.

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