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HSCI always has a variety of dogs looking for their forever home: big, small, mixed breed, purebred. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

As new dogs come in and others go home, we update this page as quickly as possible, so keep in mind all dogs available may not have a photo yet. We encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  You'll find all you need to know about our adoption application process on our Adoption Information.

And if you want to see photos of the pets that have already found new homes, visit our Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Featured Dog!

Clover is a 6 year female Puggle mix. She is a talkative girl who gets so excited to see people and to have interaction. Going on walks and playing outside are her two favorite things, with treats easily coming in close second. Clover is energetic and likes to investigate anything and everything. She is very smart and often times looks to people to learn new commands or to give her something to focus on. Clover is looking for her forever home and is hoping you will come meet with her today!

Clover has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  My rescue dogs, Max and Oscar, want you to adopt me! 

Clover has been sponsored by the Crumbaughs. In Memory of Haley and Sadie. 

Clover has been sponsored by Mike and Amy Humphreys! 


Missy is a 4 year old Pit mix. Miss is spunky and will wag her tail with such excitement with anyone and everyone she meets. She gets so worked up and excited she will actually whine for your attention. Missy was never taught to not jump up on you, so we are hoping her forever home understands this and works with her on this. Missy is a beautiful sweet girl who is so submissive. If you just give her 5 minutes to get her excitement out and after all her kisses stop, she will sit next to you and roll over. She is just the cutes girl ever. Missy loves anyone and everyone she meets. She is good with other dogs and has been around kids. She is very well behaved other than jumping on you to greet you. She knows her basic commands and even a few cute tricks as well.

Missy has been sponsored by Judith A. Webster!  In memory of my own little "Missy", my Mischief. 


Kirby is a 6 month old male Terrier mix. This little guy is a ball full of energy. He is so happy and excited. He is very much in puppy mode which means he will need consistency to learn proper potty training, and plenty of exercise to burn off his crazy amounts of energy. He is a cute and curious little guy with the cutest personality. Kirby likes to talk at other dogs but from what we have seen it is his way of communicating and he isn't aggressive with them. In fact it is very much a puppy play with me now thing to the point where he doesn't understand not all dogs are going to want to be nice and play. Kirby will make a fantastic companion to a forever home ready to take on a puppy.

Sponsor Kirby


Bosco is a male Mastiff mix who is 5 years old. Bosco, although very large, walks fantastic on a leash and usually lets you lead the way. He knows his manners and is a very good boy. He can be a bit selective with certain dogs, but does great with others, and also does great with kids. Bosco is a big goofball. He walks around like he doesn't have a care in the world and is quite entertaining. Bosco will need to go to a forever home where he has plenty of room to get good exercise, and not feel crammed. He is quite content with a cozy, comfy bed and a chew toy.

Bosco has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  On behalf of our Smoky, who is celebrating his 15th birthday! 


Mikey is a 5 year old male Pitbull. Mikey has a calm temperament with a ton of kisses to go along with it. He wags his tail so hard with excitement when meeting anyone and everyone that his butt actually joins in. Mikey thinks he is a lap dog when he comes inside. He wants to cuddle and sit next to you while you pet him all day long. He does have energy to burn off and will need proper exercise, but Mikey is such a great boy. He is looking for his forever home and will make someone very happy.

Mikey has been sponsored by Carole Miller! 


Alice is a 4 year old female Chihuahua. This little girl is all sass. She loves to talk when you walk away until she gets your attention. She loves to jump in your lap and be carried around like a little princess. She is the type of dog that will cuddle up next to you all day long. A warm blanket and cozy bed and this little girl is content. Alice is a small Chihuahua, and with that comes the typical small dog personality, which means she does get scared if you approach her to fast. She also is scared of new people she does not know and can get mouthy. We are looking for a forever home that understands Alice gets scared around too many fast movements and does not feel safe. We are asking that she goes to a home with no kids. Alice is looking for a quiet home and if she gets that she really is the cutest, sweetest dog ever.

Alice has been sponsored by Macy's Birthday Party! 

Alice has been sponsored by Rob Milcik! 


Marion is a 5 month old female red Hound mix. Marion is the sweetie of the bunch. She is not afraid to approach you to get your attention and affection. She doesn’t seem bothered by other dogs big or small and she is adorably cute. She will come up and burrow her head in your lap and melt your heart. She is such a wiggle butt and her tail just goes 100 miles per hour when she is happy.


Haddie is a 3½ year old Dachshund mix. Haddie is a very opinionate girl when it comes to other dogs and will need to be an only dog in the home. She doesn't get along with anyone we have seen dog wise. However with humans it is a different story. She loves any and every one she meets. She does great with kids and loves all attention. Haddie is a bit chunky and will need to be kept on a strict diet. Haddie was very spoiled by her previous owner so we are hoping she can find a patient new forever home who understands she wants to be the queen of the home. She is a great girl with a lot of sass to give!

Sponsor Haddie


Matt is a 6 month old Beagle mix. Matt is one tough little cookie. He came into our local Animal Control with Parvo. He was so sick and almost did not make it. They spent a lot of time, funding and energy helping Matt recover and sure enough this tough cutie pulled through. He is now parvo free and tested negative. But right when he thought he was going to hit the adoption floor Matt went to see the vet and it was discovered Matt also had a hernia. Matt has recently underwent surgery to repair his hernia and is doing great. He is healing well and will need to be on his meds for one more week before becoming available for adoption. If his strength isn't enough to win you over, his adorable looks will. He is a talker so he gets your attention. Once he has it he is full of kisses and puppy energy. He loves to run around and play and is looking for a forever home who sees everything he has overcome and spoils him greatly for it.

Sponsor Matt


Scarlett is a 6 year old female Treeing Walker Coonhound. She is a bit of a clumsy goofball but she is a sweetheart none-the-less. She loves to be outside and getting fresh air, and she will need proper exercise to keep weight off. She came into the shelter a little overweight. Scarlett is an active-minded girl or as we like to say a bit A.D.D. She finds a smell and follows it and after that, that is all she focuses on. She would be content with a soft bed and an owner who will let her curl up next to them to sleep at night.

Scarlett has been sponsored by Pat Snodgrass! 

Scarlett has been sponsored by Maddie the Yorkie Poo! 

Scarlett has been sponsored by Carol Richardson! 


Mojo is a fantastic boy with a lot of intelligence. He is a 3 year old Springer/Malmute mix we think. Mojo came in with his mother Molly. Mojo is a bit of a talker and lets you know when he wants attention. Mojo was not worked with in his previous home and he will need to have an owner who understands consistency, just like you would with a puppy, is very important to help Mojo learn and understand potty training. Mojo is active and playful. He will need a home that will allow him to burn off energy and focus on tasks. He likes to have things to do or he gets bored, which will lead to chewing or anxiety in these types of dogs. Mojo will make a fantastic loyal companion for someone who is willing to put the time in to teach him his manners and help him understand rights from wrongs. Mojo is adorable and a bit goofy.

Mojo has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  On behalf of our Remy, who is celebrating his fifth birthday! 


Franklin is a 5 month old tri color Hound mix. He is talkative and sassy. He hasn’t been socialized the best growing up as a pup so he will need a patient owner who understands he needs to be leash trained and learn proper manners. He has a playful side and seems very curious with his surroundings so he loves to investigate.


Madison is a 5 month old female brindle and white Hound mix. Madison is the shy timid pup of the litter. She was picked on by the other litter mates and so she is also the smallest. She is such a mellow calm girl when you get her out of her kennel and will wiggle right up next to you if you just let her come to you. She will need some time to warm up to feel safe, but she will make a fantastic dog once her new forever owner builds her confidence a bit.

Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center.

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