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HSCI always has a variety of cats looking for their forever home: kittens, adults, short-hair, long-hair, tabby, exotic. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

We update this page often as new cats come in and others go home, so all cats available may not have a photo yet. So we encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  You'll find all you need to know about our adoption application process on our Adoption Information webpage.

And if you want to see photos of the pet that have already found new homes, visit our Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Cats that have the Very Important Pet! Very Important Pet logo have a reduced fee of $30!  Look for the logo on their files by their kennels.

Featured Cat!

Callie is a 7 year old female DSH calico. Talk about a beautiful cat. With her beautiful markings and piercing eyes it is very hard to forget Miss Callie. Callie can be shy with new people but warms up fast once she gets to know you. She loves attention once she knows you and loves to have her back scratched. Callie is a social eater, she likes to eat while you are giving her attention. It is quite funny. Callie will need an owner who understand she isn't the most playful cat, but is so very sweet.

Callie has been sponsored by DiAnn Fields!  Blessing to all those who work hard to give these sweet cats their forever homes! 

Callie has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In memory of my best friend, Azreal. 


Bruce is a DMH 4 year old male. Bruce was so scared and timid when he came into the shelter we were not even able to touch him. In only a few short days this handsome boy was warming up quickly and was sitting in the front of his kennel waiting to see us when we would come in the room in the mornings to feed. Within about 2 weeks Bruce was such a sweet heart he quickly began melting our hearts. Bruce is such a pretty cat. He is hard to forget once you meet him. He loves to be pet and cuddled, but due to him being so scared he does need you to understand it will take him a minute to warm up to you and it needs to be on his doing. He will come up and greet you and before you know it he is rolling around in front of you. This really is a great cat that will make someone so happy. Please do not pass this guy up he deserves a loving furrrrever home.

Sponsor Bruce


Darla is a DSH Patched Tabby 1 year old female. Darla is such a doll. She loves to sit perched up high and lounge the day away resting and relaxing. Darla is more of a cat that will lay next to you and cuddle vs running around an playing. Darla isn't really all that excited about being picked up but would rather she come to you for attention when she wants it. She will let you pick her up, but she gets upset from time to time. Darla loves to talk to you when you sit with her and she will make a fabulous companion to someone looking for a furrrever friend.

Sponsor Darla


Roger is a 3 month old grey and white DSH male. Roger is adorable with his spot on his nose. Roger loves to run around the room and play with the other cats and kittens but is a bit shy when you move to fast. If you go slow and pick Roger up he is cuddle bug. Roger loves to lounge in the soft bedding and stare at the birds out the window.

Sponsor Roger

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is a beautiful grey Tabby born in April 2015. Mt. Rainier is very fun and playful!

Sponsor Mt. Rainier


Laynie is a girl with a calm temperament and loving heart. Laynie loves to be out with the kittens and takes care of them as if they were her own. Her motherly instincts are adorable. She loves to talk to you when you walk in the room and will tell you when she is hungry. She is a docile cat who likes to lounge the day away but does love getting affection as well. Laynie is a 5 year old DSH Torbie.  Very Important Pet!

Laynie has been sponsored by Paul Campbell.  In honor of all the cats that patiently wait a long time to find their forever home. 


Julia is a 1 year old female Torbie. Sweet and playful, Julia is a great mix for just about any family. She gets along with other cats, and seems to love anyone she has met. She runs around and plays with the other cats, and will find any toy to distract her for a few minutes. She loves to watch the birds outside the windows in the cat room. Julia is looking for her forever home and is hoping you will come met with her to give her a chance.

Julia has been sponsored by Patricia! 

Julia has been sponsored by DiAnn Fields!  Blessing to all those who work hard to give these sweet cats their forever homes! 


Meet Amadeus, a 5-year old black male who has been at the shelter for over 1 year! He was abandoned by his previous owner and is looking for someone to help him trust again. Amadeus has a special adoption rate - check with one of our adoption counselors for more information.

Sponsor Amadeus


Daisy is a 2 year old DSH Torti female. Daisy is a bit shy at first. She is always cute and quiet. When you give her attention, that is when she lights up and shows you her adorable, cuddly personality. You have to come to her to see it though. She loves your attention and loves to give kisses. She will roll on the floor in front of you and let you rub her belly. She will sit on your lap and relax the day away with you. Daisy is content in her own world by herself but she really lights up when you interact with her.

Daisy has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In memory of Danielle Weber. From Krannert friends! 


Kitty is a funny girl. The looks she gives you sometimes just say so much. She has a lot to say and a lot to show. Kitty is a 2 year old DSH patched Tabby. She likes to show off and will get sassy with other cats if they get in her way. She brings a ton of entertainment to the Shelter. If you are looking for a fun, lively, up-beat cat look no further!

Kitty has been sponsored by the Ragdollgang!  In Memory of Robbie Hockings =^..^= 


Meet Millie, an adult female Tabby. More info coming soon!

Sponsor Millie


Tripper is a 3 year old DSH black and white female. Tripper will need to be the only cat in her home as she does not get along with other cats in the room. She however, loves any and all people. She will cry for your attention and had the cutest little meow. She loves to sit on your lap and be pet. Tripper will be more of a cat that likes to lounge in a window or on your bed. When we got tripper in the shelter she was matted so bad, from lack of being cared for and groomed, that we had to completely shave her back. Her hair is finally growing back and she is back to her pretty self.

Tripper has been sponsored by Sadie Brommer!  Taking care until Tripper finds forever home! 

Tripper has been sponsored by Mike and Amy Humphreys! 


Dickens is a 11 week old DSH grey and white male. Dickens is a bit shy when he first meets you, but after a minute of warming up he is ready to climb up your arm and purr up a storm. Dickens is clumsy and playful. He is very content being held and cuddled. He will play once he feels safe in his surroundings.

Hot Lips

Hot Lips is a 11 week old female dilute calico and is she ever darling. Hot Lips is the most adventure seeking of her litter mates. She is the first to investigate and venture away in order to see what fun she can have. Hot Lips is one of those cats who's little button nose face will instantly melt your heart. If you give this girl even a minute of your time you will be in love.


Emma is a 6 month old female grey tabby. Emma is a talker. She will greet you with meows and tell you all about her day. She is the cutest thing. She is very playful and will want a forever home with plenty of toys to call her own. Emma is a petite girl who is a bit feisty. Emma likes to be held and given attention to. She is very curious and loves to investigate anything and everything she finds or smells.

Sponsor Emma

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is a 4 month old DSH female Torti. Vera is such a cutie that her distinctive cross eyes and beautiful coat are enough to make anyone fall in love with her sweet face. Vera loves to be held and cuddled and will purr up a storm, however this doesn't last long as she is still a kitten and loves to run and play. She is a big fan of the feather or string toys and will chase them for hours. Vera seems to do great with the other cats in the room and should have no problem being a 2nd cat in the home or a single cat in the home. Either way she will be perfectly content.

Sponsor Vera Wang


Chanel is a 1 year old tiger striped DSH tabby. This little girl is petite and slender. She also happened to be one of the youngest mothers we have had come into the building. But just because she was young did not discourage her. She was such a great mom, she even took on an orphaned kitten that was not hers and nursed it back to health. Chanel is a sweet girl who will come sit on your lap and cuddle. She is playful and will chase after any string toy you put in front of her.

Chanel has been sponsored by Kathi Cannon! 


Hootie is a 11 week old DSH female Torti. Hootie is a timid girl with a face to melt your heart. She is so shy and sweet. She just wants you to pick her up and make her feel safe. She is used to being in a foster home, so coming into a noisy shelter has her a little spooked. She does warm up, so do not let her fool you when she is hiding in her bed. She has a lot of playful-ness in her personality she just needs an owner who understands she needs a quiet home and patience.

Sponsor Hootie


Macey is a 2 year old DSH female Calico. Macey is a playful girl who is talkative. She will greet you when you enter the room. She loves if your scratch her back and give her attention. She will roll around in front of you in order to soak up all the love. Macey is looking for her furrrrever home and is hoping you will come visit with her.

Sponsor Macey


Pudding is a 4 month old DSH female Torti. Pudding is a bit more reserved and shy. She will let you hold her but needs a minute of you petting her for her to feel safe. She is a beautiful girl looking for her forever home. Pudding is hoping to find an owner with a quiet home and lots of love to give her.

Sponsor Pudding


Meet Lynn, an 8-year old Calico relinquished by her owner when a new baby came into the household. Lynn has a special adoption rate - check with one of our adoption counselors for more information.

Lynn has been sponsored by Mikael and Kim Jordan!  In memory of Sassy the cat.


Meet Flo. She is a 6-year old Calico relinquished by her owner due to an landlord issue. Flo is shy and not too fond of the camera!

Flo has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  Thank you to all of the hard workers at the HSCI! 


Meet Bianca. She is a shy kitty so has a bit of that "Grumpy Cat" look going on. Bianca is a 2-year old dilute Torti.

Bianca has been sponsored by DiAnn Fields! 


Meet Patty, a shy black domestic short-hair with gorgeous gold eyes! More info coming soon.

Patty has been sponsored by Tasha Dunn & Chrissy Cataldo! 


Libby is a DSH orange and white 1½ year old female. Libby is a cat who shows her affection by licking and head butting you when you get close to her. She is a cat who nuzzles under your chin when you hold her and who will knead and purr. Libby is a nosey cat who follows you around and always wants to know what you are doing. She is your shadow. She loves to look out the window and lay in the sun's rays. She spends a lot of time watching the birds outside the window and she seems to do great with other cats.

Libby has been sponsored by Macy's Birthday Party! 


Meet Geneva. She is a 1-year old black & white domestic short-hair whose owner decided she no longer wanted a cat. She is friendly, inquisitive, and enjoys watching the birds outside the window.

Geneva has been sponsored by DiAnn Fields! 


Margie is a 4 month old DSH dark Torti female. Margie is playful and energetic. She loves to run around the room and chase the other kittens. She will play for hours and loves all other cats she meets. Margie does get a little scared if you approach her to quickly so take your time when you go to pick her up. Margie is a beautifully marked kitten with a fun personality.


Armani is a 5 month old DSH male seal point. Armani is one of Chanel’s babies, so as you can see they both have the sleek and slender look to them. Armani is a ball of energy. He loves to run around the room and jump on other cats. He plays hide-n-go-seek and tends to pick on the other cats in hope that if he bothers them long enough they will eventually give in and play with him. Armani is not afraid of anything. He thinks he is King of the Room.

Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center.

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