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Adoptable Cats

The pets pictured are available for adoption. Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center. Please visit the Adoption Information webpage for details on the Adoption Procedure and a link to an adoption application. Adopted pets are moved to the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Cats that have the Very Important Pet icon Very Important Pet! with their bio have been at our shelter for over a year, or are seven years old or older qualify for the "adoption fee paid". If you visit our shelter, look for the VIP logo on the kennels to see which cats qualify. See one of our adoption counselors for details.

Featured Cat!

Feona is a very beautiful cat that almost has an orange tint to her fur. She is a 4 year old grey tiger DSH. When Feona first came in she was very timid and liked to hide under anything in her cage. If she had a bed she was under it at all times. She felt safe there. Throughout the days of being here she now is coming out of her cage and is playing in play groups. She no longer hides and loves attention. She would probably do best in a house without other cats, just because she is a bit more timid and would love all the attention herself.

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Eva is a 6 year old DSH tabby female. Eva came into the Shelter in January of 2014. Eva is a very interesting cat. One minute she wants to have your affection and the next she is darting away and wanting to explore the world on her own. Eva loves having your attention but acts a little scared or timid when you try to give it to her. She will purr with excitement however she will let you know when she has had enough. She does not like her belly rubbed and approaching her calmly and slowly is key. For the most part Eva will do what you ask of her, she goes back to her cage to eat when you ask, she will come to you when you ask, and she loves to play with toys. Eva is looking for a more quiet home without other animals that would stress her out. Eva was hand selected by our Manager Samantha. Over the past 6 months Eva has shown Samantha that she is hilarious and fun. She craves attention so badly that she will roll around on the floor or bed in front of you until you pet her.

Eva has been sponsored by Mike and Amy Humphreys! 


Franklin is a 2 year old DSH Tabby and White male. Franklin is a big boy with a big personality. Franklin likes to be an instigator; meaning he will pounce on the other cats to get them to play, even if they do not want to. Franklin thinks everyone loves him and he gets along well with other cats. Franklin is very playful and spunky, not to mention he may or may not think he is the King of the room. Jane, our back staff employee and adoption counselor, has picked Franklin. She likes Franklin because he is a talker. He will come right up to you, rub against you and get the attention from you he wants. Jane feels Franklin is overlooked because of his size. He is a big gentleman.

Franklin has been sponsored by George, Tony & Barb!  In honor of and in loving memory of "Ralph" Webster. You will be missed by your family! 


Marceline is 8 year old black DSH female. Marceline is a plump. She is a big ball of flubber and we just think she is the cutest thing ever the way she waddles around. We have started her on a diet to lose weight and her new owners will need to do the same. Marceline was the most spoiled of the hoarding cats we brought back if you couldn’t tell. This girl is nothing but sweet. She loves to have attention, she greets you when you come in the room. She begs for food, go figure!  And we all just love her.

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Ms. PacMan

Ms. PacMan is a 1 year old DSH female Patched Tabby. This little girl is very talkative. She loves to tell stories to anyone who will listen and she certainly craves attention. Ms. PacMan loves to be held and cuddled. She will lay the day away by your side or sleep at the foot of your bed. Ms. PacMan is looking for her furrrever home and is hoping you are the one to make her dreams come true.

Ms. PacMan has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In memory of my best friend, Azreal. 


Grisham is a 1 year old DSH mackerel tabby. Grisham is a very bright eyes boy with a feisty personality. He loves to be pet and get attention but also loves to play and pester the other cats. Grisham can play the best of both worlds. One minute he is cuddly and cute, the next he is pouncing and playing hide-in-go-seek. Grisham wants to find his furrrrever home.

Grisham has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In loving memory of Laura's boy, Owen. 


Kattilac is a female 11 month old DSH grey and white kitten. Kattilac is a very slender and petite girl with a loveable personality. She stares out the window and watches the birds one minute and jumps around chasing the other cats the next, in hopes they will play also. Kattilac acts more mature for her age. She is pretty calm for her young age.

Kattilac has been sponsored by Claire Karlen! 

Jubilee Jangles

Jubilee and Jangles are 1-year-old sisters. Jubilee is a White with Grey DSH while Jangles is a White with Black DSH. Jubilee is more active while Jangles is calmer. Jubilee loves to seek out adventure and be curious, while Jangles sits back and watches. Both of these loving girls are looking for a home to call their own. Though they are siblings, they are both very independent from one another and are not required to be adopted together.  Very Important Pet!

Jubilee & Jangles have been sponsored by Paul, Gwinn, Zack, Domino, Louie, Stewie and Jessie!  In honor of all the pets that are helped by HSCI. 


Laynie is a girl with a calm temperament and loving heart. Laynie loves to be out with the kittens and takes care of them as if they were her own. Her motherly instincts are adorable. She loves to talk to you when you walk in the room and will tell you when she is hungry. She is a docile cat who likes to lounge the day away but does love getting affection as well. Laynie is a 2 year old DSH Torbie.

Laynie has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 


Darrel is a 2½ year old DSH Tabby. Darrel is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky cat. He gets along with all the other cats in the room and likes to lounge the day away staring out the window. Darrel is a beautiful boy looking for an owner who wants to cuddle and let him lay in bed with them at night when they sleep.

Darrel has been sponsored by Sadie Brommer!  In honor of all who work so hard taking care of these pets. 


Marley is a 2 year old DSH black and white female. She is a feisty girl with a mind of her own. She play her own tune and really is a "hoot" to interact with. She is a very cute cat who likes to lounge independently.

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Mitsy is a 1 year old DSH orange tabby female. She is a petite little girl with plenty of personality. She loves to get your attention and will do just about anything to get it. She is always nearby wondering what you are doing so you have to be careful to not step on her as she can get under your feet. Mitsy is a loveable girl who will make a great lap cat or cat who will like to sleep at the end of your bed at night.


Boots is a 12 year old DSH black and white female. Boots was the oldest of the cats we brought back from the hoarding situation. However do not let her age fool you. She is very lively and has a ton of love and purrrssssss to give. This cat wants nothing more than to be loved. The smallest amount of attention will have her rolling over in excitement asking for more. Boots likes to lay inside cat trees and be a bit more hidden. However she will come out to see you when you come into the room. Boots is hoping you will find it in your hearts to make your home her new home.


Bonnebelle is a black and white DLH 8 year old female. Bonnebelle is another cat from the hoarding situation we brought in. She is a beautiful marked cat; looks like black paint spilled on one of her back paws. It is just the cutest thing ever. Bonnebelle is a very quiet and timid cat. She will need an owner who understands she absolutely loves attention and love, but it will take her some time to warm up. With constant praise and attention every day she will come around in no time. In fact she already has a little bit. Bonnebelle is looking for a more quiet home.

Bonnebelle has been sponsored by Patricia Snodgrass! 


Olympia is a DSH 4 year old buff female. Olympia is very quiet in her kennel and sits back to watch the other cats in the room most of the time. However, you let her out of her cage and she runs to play and show off all of her personality. Which she has plenty of. She is adorable and cute. She loves to lounge and watch the birds outside a window. She lets you know when she is hungry and wants to get your attention to play. Our back staff employee; Jeff, picked Olympia because he feels she is often overlooked for not being bright and colorful. She has been here for quite some time and if given the chance she has a ton of personality to show.

Olympia has been sponsored by Simone Williams! 


Gypsy is a 5 year old female DSH tabby who has been at the shelter since January. She is a bit feisty with other cats if they do not leave her alone. She has beautiful eyes and markings. Gypsy is pretty independent. She is a leader and is more dominant if put into a group of cats. Our adoption counselor, Stacey, felt Gypsy was the purrrrrfect pick. Gypsy is a very quiet tabby with a sweet personality. She loves to lounge and watch out the window.

Gypsy has been sponsored by The Ragdollgang =^..^= !  Dedicated to all the hard working Volunteers at the HSCI.


Stephano is a 5 month old DSH orange and white male. Stephano has come around a lot since being here. He and his 3 other siblings were very timid and scared when they came into the shelter. They hid in their litter boxes and coward when you went to pet them. Not anymore! Stephano now begs for attention and will rub up against you to get it. He follows you around the room and loves to play with just about any toy you give him. He is very neatly marked with a grey undertone. Stephano is looking for his forever home!

Sponsor Stephano

De Ette

De Ette is a 3 year old DSH Dilute Calico female. She is a former momma to the Shelter here and all of her babies have been weaned and adopted. It is her time to find a loving forever home. Her temperament is fantastic and she loves to be held. She will also enjoy alone time and has her independent moments. De Ette has beautiful markings. She was one great momma and she will make a great companion.  Very Important Pet!

De Ette has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 


Jenny is a 10 year old female calico. She is a VIP, which at our shelter means Very Important Pet. She is a very special cat that will need a very special owner. Jenny needs an owner who understands due to her ear problems, and us having to extensively clean her ears, her ears are tender and she is a bit hesitant for new people to touch her. She is a beautiful cat who loves to lounge and really does not ask for much interaction. She loves to lay the day away and would do fantastic in a home where there were windows for her to lay in front of. Jenny needs an owner who is not looking for a super cuddly cat, but rather a cat who is more independent and very calm. Jenny likes to be left to do what she wants. In other words, Jenny wants to be the queen on her throne. And that is ok. We like to spoil our animals around here. If you are interested in meeting Jenny please ask a front staff member to show you her. She has beautiful markings and will make a great pet for the right owner. Jenny has been at the shelter since May.  Very Important Pet!

Jenny has been sponsored by Vicki Skeen!  In honor of Iris, a kitty adopted from HSCI! 


Faye is a 2 year old DSH Tortie. Faye is a bit set in her ways and thinks she is the queen of the room. She holds her head high and if you get in her way, or any other cat does for that matter, she will tell you. Faye loves to play with feather or string toys and will greet you when you walk into a room. She loves your attention but is also pretty independent.

Faye has been sponsored by Tasha Dunn & Chrissy Cataldo! 


Aileen is a 1 year old Dilute Calico DSH female. Aileen is a feisty girl who is entertaining to watch. One minute she is running around telling you to let her do her own thing and the next minute she is trying to get your attention. Aileen is a cat with her own mind. If you let her do what she wants she really is a sweet girl who loves to show affection.

Aileen has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 


Blondie is a pretty 5-year-old DSH Buff Female that enjoys her independence. She's a friendly girl with a cautious side when it comes to the other cats in the Adult Cat Room. She likes her own space and usually you can find her sitting atop a cat tree enjoying the view while the other cats play.

Blondie has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 


We have kittens right now. All colors and personalities. If you are looking for a kitten come in and visit with our large variety. They are playful and fun. Some are mellow and loveable.

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Ophelia is a 6 year old DLH female calico. Ophelia came to the shelter in July of this year and is still looking for her forever home. She is independent and curious. She will scout out anything and everything as she is a bit nosey. She tends to do better with cats who are more calm and older versus younger playful kittens. Ophelia chooses who she likes. She is a beautiful girl with a picky attitude.

Ophelia has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  Peanutbutter & Jelly - short but very meaningful life. You are greatly missed. 


Pinball is a 1 year old DSH female Tabby. Pinball is a bit weary and guarded with other cats or kittens. Pinball will do best in a home without other cats. She would love to be spoiled and praised. She would love to lounge the day away by her owner's side or in the windowsill soaking up the sun. Pinball loves attention and has a way of melting your heart with her striking gold eyes.

Edward  ~  Update - 12/19/2014

Edward has returned from the Vet to the shelter and is now available for adoption. The Vet had such success with Edward’s first surgery that a second one was not needed once Edwards eyes healed. That's fantastic news to us. Edward is such a different cat now. Boy oh boy does he have a fun personality. When we let him out in the mornings he zooms around the room and when he gets close to you he will stop for affection then zoom he is on his way again. He will not let anyone walk by his cage without reaching out for them, calling to them, and making absolute certain they give him attention. It is truly the cutest thing to watch. Edward is trying very hard to find his new owner and hopes that you will come in to meet him and give him a chance to warm your heart. He will make a fantastic addition to a home and will provide plenty of fun and entertainment.


Please meet Edward, our most recent pet that will benefit from the ASAP Fund. Edward is a 3 year old grey and white DSH male. Edward found us in July after we learned about him from McLean County Animal Control. When we received Edward his eyes were a bit squinty and we initially thought he was a special cat with eyes that were unusually shaped. However, after Edward was here a little longer his eyes began to turn red and water constantly. We had a vet check Edward again to evaluate his symptoms. Edward was diagnosed with Entropion, which is when a cat's eye lids roll inwards. Edward's eyes had started swelling shut and his eye lashes were scratching his corneas. Surgery is almost always required with cats that have Entropion in order to roll the eyelid outward.

Edward had his first surgery and is healing well. At the recommendation of the vet, it was decided that Edward would need one more surgery to better repair his lower eyelids. The additional surgery will help ensure the best chance that his eyelids will not roll back inwards. Edward will be looking for his forever home in the future, after he has healed properly from both his surgeries and gets a clean bill of health from the vet.

If you would like to make a donation to help pay for Edward’s medical bills, or to help other animals in emergency situations just like Edward's, please consider making a donation to the ASAP Fund. Pets like Edward appreciate your help!

Edward has been sponsored by Jim Harcar! 





Please be aware that not all of our pets are available for viewing on our website, as our population changes daily with new animals coming in and others going home. We encourage you to visit our Pet Adoption Center.

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