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Available Cats

HSCI always has a variety of cats looking for their forever home: kittens, adults, short-hair, long-hair, tabby, exotic. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

We update this page often as new cats come in and others go home. Not all available cats are included on our website so we encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  Adoption application process details are included on our Adoption Information page. To see photos of pets that have found new homes, visit the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Cats that have the Very Important Pet! Very Important Pet logo have a reduced fee of $30!  Look for the logo on their files by their kennels.

If you are unable to adopt any pets at this time, consider helping a pet with a Pet Sponsorship. To those supporters who have sponsored one or more pets, Thank You!

Picture of Bullseye the cat.

~  Bullseye  ~

Bullseye is a playful five year old guy who loves pets and attention from people, but would strongly prefer to be the only cat in his new home.

Bullseye has been sponsored by Lyn & Ray McEvoy!  In memory of our dear Brutus. 

Picture of Heidi the cat.

~  Heidi  ~

Heidi is a very calm, independent girl who keeps to herself most of the time, but likes receiving gentle pets and attention from people. Heidi is about three years old.

Heidi has been sponsored by Kim Donovan! 

Heidi has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Heidi has been sponsored by Sadie Brommer! 

Picture of Kingsley the cat.

~  Kingsley  ~

Kingsley is a confident one year old guy who absolutely loves getting attention. He's the playful sort and incredibly sweet.

Sponsor Kingsley

Picture of Leonard the cat.

~  Leonard  ~

Leonard is an independent one year old who will come up to you for pets and attention, and likes to cuddle!

Leonard has been sponsored by Christina Rogers!  In loving memory of Art Rogers. 

Picture of Brook the cat.

~  Brook  ~

Brook is a playful one year old girl who is very energetic who loves toys and wants to be the center of attention.

Brook has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In Memory of Azreal. 

Brook has been sponsored by Jake Guest!  Happy Birthday, Braidy Megeff! 

Picture of Cat Middleton the cat.

~  Cat Middleton  ~

Cat Middleton is a four year old elegant lady who is the epitome of grace. But that doesn't mean she can't have fun!  She enjoys playing with toys and enjoys being petted.

Cat Middleton has been sponsored by Rachelle Stivers!  In memory of Moby. 

Picture of Jennifurr the cat.

~  Jennifurr  ~

Jennifurr is a lovely two year old girl who is fairly calm and very sweet. She enjoys getting love from new friends!

Sponsor Jennifurr

Picture of Ali Cat.

~  Ali Cat  ~

Ali Cat is a two year old sweet girl who is a bit shy at first. Once she warms up, she likes attention and playing with people!

Sponsor Ali Cat

Picture of Valencia the cat.

~  Valencia  ~

Valencia is a lovely fourteen year old dame who likes to explore her surroundings, and really does want your attention. She's a sweet girl looking for somewhere peaceful to rest her head. Since she's over ten years old, this darling is part of our VIP program. Very Important Pet!

Valencia has been sponsored by Kelli McCubbins! 

Picture of Bunny the cat.

~  Bunny  ~

Bunny is a quiet two year old girl who likes to curl up in a comfy spot. She's a sweetheart who'll sit in your lap and show you how to make muffins.

Bunny has been sponsored by Daycare By Dawn! 

Picture of Oscar the cat.

~  Oscar  ~

Oscar is a handsome one year old who loves chasing after toys!  Because of his luxurious coat, he will need regular grooming. He's a sweet fella who does enjoy getting pets from people.

Sponsor Oscar

Picture of Cindy the cat.

~  Cindy  ~

Cindy is a somewhat talkative one year old little girl who is looking for a good conversation buddy. Maybe even her own Brady Bunch!  She's a sweetheart who loves playing around with people.

Sponsor Cindy

Picture of Jaspurr the cat.

~  Jaspurr  ~

Jaspurr is an incredibly affectionate one year old guy who will happily jump up on your shoulders and ride around. In the viewing room he might take a minute to warm up, so come check him and his awesome personality out!

Sponsor Jaspurr

Picture of Annie the cat.

~  Annie  ~

Annie is a calm one year old girl who is super cuddly!  She will quite happily sit on your lap for affection and attention. She's not dead-set on going home with Daddy Warbucks, people who will love her and give her the occasional treat is what's really important to her.

Sponsor Annie

Picture of Cooper the cat.

~  Cooper  ~

Cooper is a curious three year old boy who is very talkative in the viewing room. He needs a little time to warm up to new people, though once he does he is very sweet and wants attention.

Sponsor Cooper

Picture of Janis the cat.

~  Janis  ~

Janis is a timid one year old girl who likes to play but take a little bit of time to get used to new people.

Sponsor Janis

Picture of Ellie the cat.

~  Ellie  ~

Ellie is a three year old female cat. She is very timid at first, but she becomes comfortable once she has gotten a chance to explore her surroundings. Ellie loves to sit on laps and knead her little paws. She enjoys attention. Ellie would appreciate a calm, quiet home.

Sponsor Ellie

Picture of Chase the cat.

~  Chase  ~

Chase is a chatty one year old boy who is incredibly curious. He's a very big boy, mostly legs. He loves to explore, and hopes you'll come talk with him soon.

Chase has been sponsored by Kara Capriotti! 

Picture of Bindi the cat.

~  Bindi  ~

Bindi is a curious three year old girl as sweet as can be. She loves curling up in comfy spots, and she hopes to have a calm home where she can snuggle with you.

Bindi has been sponsored by Kathy Kesner!  In memory of Lu and Gabby, Rusty and Scatman, Streak, Squeak and Snooty, and Patches. Always in our hearts. 

Bindi has been sponsored by Sadie Brommer!  Sponsoring because these babies need us. 

Picture of Belinda the cat.

~  Belinda  ~

Belinda is a very playful four year old darling who loves to chase after toys!  She's a sweetheart who enjoys getting attention from people.

Sponsor Belinda

Picture of Zipper the cat.

~  Zipper  ~

Zipper is a reserved fourteen year old gentleman who likes to be petted gently. He has a purr that can fill up a room!  Because of his age, he is a part of our VIP program with a $30 adoption fee. Very Important Pet!

Zipper has been sponsored in memory of Angelique. 

Picture of Digit the cat.

~  Digit  ~

Digit is an affectionate two year old girl who wants nothing more than to curl up in a comfy spot. She adores being petted is a total sweetheart.

Digit has been sponsored by Anna Mandrell!  In memory of Apollo. 

Picture of Bobbi the cat.

~  Bobbi  ~

Bobbi is a sweet three year old lady who can be a little timid at first. But as she warms up, she enjoys exploring and getting affection from people.

Bobbi has been sponsored by Rhonda and Matthew Felson, and Shiloh; a former HSCI resident. 

Bobbi has been sponsored by Elizabeth Bracken!  In memory of Gypsy and Ace. 

Bobbi has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  Thank you to the workers and volunteers at the HSCI for their hard work and warm hearts. 

Adopted! Picture of Brutus the kitten.

~  Brutus  ~

Brutus is a feisty five month old who is all kitten at heart!  He's a fun little guy who enjoys playing all the time!

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